Our dockside facility is located next to Seaport Village at 535 Harbor Lane, San Diego, Ca 92101. Our waterfront location gives us immediate access to a local fleet of 90 vessels. Fresh premium seafood is processed at our modern dockside processing facility.
A view from our front door.
Our dockside facility.
Local fishing vessel.
Our 20,000 square foot facility houses a modern processing area. You can catch a glimpse of Chesapeake's expert fish processors at work on most mornings by peering into the large bay front windows. Ice is vital in the seafood business, and our 4 ice machines pump out 100,000 pounds of white flaky ice every five days.
Inside the processing facility.
Brrrrr! It's cold in here!
The cutting room.
Our fleet of new, fully refrigerated trucks includes full size semi trucks, and box trucks. Our location is just over a mile away from San Diego's major international airport, and we can reserve cargo space on commercial airliners.
Shipping and transportation.
Some of our trucks.